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Parent & Me:
Language Enriched Social Play Group

Any caregiver may attend with your child.

Let's explore and find your child's "voice" so they can connect with you & the world around them!

And to empower you to be an active participant in your child's speech and language journey.


A social play group that involves music/songs, stories, crafts, and language enrichment!

Lead by a speech-language pathologist, Ms. Arielle.

The group is designed for toddlers and preschoolers to support your child's development in speech, language, social, pre-literacy & executive functioning skills. It is also an opportunity to collaborate and empower caregivers with basic tools to support your toddler in building their communication abilities. Caregivers are an integral part of the speech and language therapy process--evidence shows the benefits of parent participation in the positive outcomes of a child's speech and language development.

We will develop essential communication skills through play-sessions in each class. 


A speech and language diagnosis or enrollment in speech and language services is NOT required to participate--all are welcome!

Additional Information Regarding Group

Because evidence shows the impact of caregiver involvement and carryover as a predictor of a child's speech outcome, at the end of each class a handout will be provided. This handout will recap each week's session and provide tips on how to practice the learned concepts at home.  

I also believe in community and this class offers an opportunity for your child to connect with other children and for caregivers to connect with each other in a safe environment!

Currently acquiring interest and forming groups!


Where? Location TBD


Contact me or fill out the Interest Form

if you and/or your community, daycare, or preschool are interested. 



(includes 4, once-a-week classes for caregiver & child)

$40 per month/each additional child

-or- $10 per class/each additional child 


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